Many homeowners have a tough time figuring out what size rug to buy. Here are a few tips:

The Living/Family Room

Rugs should run parallel to the sofa. As for placement, it comes down to preference.  Wayfair.com recommends that there are 3 main layouts:

* all furniture legs resting on the rug

* just the front legs on the rug

* all furniture, except the coffee table, off the rug

drawing living room
drawing dining room

Dining Room

The rule of thumb is to measure your dining table and add 4 feet to the length and width. If you have a round table, add 4 feet to the diameter.


Again, it comes down to preference.

* All legs on the rug

* 2/3 bed on the rug

* runners on each side

I prefer rugs to be placed under the bed (about half the length) so that when you get out of bed you are stepping onto the rug. It is visually pleasing if the amount of rug sticking out on both sides of the bed are similar to the amount sticking out on the end of the bed.

drawing bedrooms


I really like an area rug in front of the kitchen sink, of course it should be easily laundered. If you are able, a runner is perfect for longer kitchens.

My Favorite Tip

Don’t be afraid to layer rugs – add an area rug on top of carpet or a smaller rug on a larger rug.