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Master Bedroom

The challenge: Function misplaced furniture.

The result: Incorporate Feng Shui principals.

That’s right, “Feng Shui.”  The Feng Shui of this room was completely off, from the positioning of the bed, to the flow of the room.  Easy fix. Repositioned the bed so that it is in the “power position” and is now the focal point of the room. Painted the walls in a softer yet warmer color so that the energy is “lifted and lightened.”  Removed the clutter (furniture can read as clutter too). Removed the TV (Yup, it sucks the energy right out of the room) and added another night stand (need equality in the bedroom so both people feel important). Just look at the difference. Pictures of the couple scattered around the room keeps it romantic. Although the bedding reads more feminine, the actual furniture is more masculine– in turn, it is a good compromise and provides much needed balance. Harmony at last!


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