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Realtor Information Page

Realtor Information Page

_DSC0040Ready to Increase Sales? 

Partner with Transformations and offer your clients a complimentary home staging consultation.  It’s a huge value-added bonus that will set you apart from the competition. Our two-hour consultation is only $125.00!

Transformations can save you time by working with the homeowners directly by walking the entire property, providing expert advice and giving “homework” to the homeowners to get the property ready for listing.  During the consultation process, Transformations does the hard work tackling the difficult issues:  determining where to put extra furniture, giving color advice, removing personal items, cleaning carpets and decluttering, etc.

If professional staging is needed after the consultation, Transformations will work directly with the client to give them a customized staging estimate.  The end result of a professional staging is a home that shows well and photographs well.  You won’t ever have to be the bad guy again, just leave everything up to us!



Why Consider Home Staging for VACANT Homes?

Vacant homes do not show well and make the seller appear desperate for a quick sale. An empty home feels small, cold and uninviting.   In addition, most home buyers have trouble figuring out the purpose of an empty space. Statistics show that home buyers only stay in a vacant home an average of 5 minutes versus lingering for an average of 40 minutes in a furnished home. The investment for staging a vacant property is nearly always LESS than one percent of the asking price.  Once you figure out what your monthly holding costs are (i.e., monthly mortgage, utilities, insurance, taxes, yard maintenance, etc.), along with the typical price reduction ($5,000 – $10,000) that comes after a couple of months on the market due to lack of buyer appeal, the staging investment can actually be calculated as a HUGE savings.


Why Should a Beautifully Decorated Home be Staged?

Staging involves neutralizing and depersonalizing so that potential buyers can envision themselves living in the home.   Even the most beautifully decorated homes need to be staged in order to draw focus on the home, not the “stuff.”   Often times, we have too much of everything in our homes, including furniture.  Home staging sells room sizes and showcases focal points.  Realtors and home buyers want to see beautiful, spacious homes.   As a bonus, MLS pictures of professionally staged homes lure in potential buyers!


Facts About Home Staging

  • Higher Sales Price.  Staged homes typically get offers that are 5-20% higher than non-staged homes.
  • First Impression.  Home buyers decide within 8 seconds of seeing a home where they like a home or not.  Stand out from the competition!
  • Affordable.  Home Staging costs less than your first price reduction.