Home Stagers Create an Emotion Connection

“I can see my family living in this home.”  This is music to a Real Estate Agent’s ear.  The goal of a Home Stager is to create this emotional connection to a property.

For occupied properties, the goal of Home Staging is to remove the current owner’s footprint in order for a buyer to see themselves living in the home.  That is where the 3 Ds come into play:  Disassociate, Declutter & Depersonalize.

For vacant properties, the goal of Home Staging is to warm up spaces with personality while showcasing architectural details. Why stage a vacant property?  Most people cannot imagine themselves and their furniture in empty, cold spaces.

Professional Home Stagers carefully target buyer demographics.

Home Stagers are experts at creating subtle cues of a lifestyle that buyer’s aspire to, at every price point.

This condo near Virginia Commonwealth University was staged with college students in mind.  Transformations staged it with bright colors throughout, and staged the bedrooms with student work stations.

Viola! An emotional connection is possible through the magic of Home Staging.

dining room

Home Stagers are trained to take on challenges.

Stagers take the guesswork out of furniture placement and can give oddly shaped rooms a purpose, while maximizing square footage.

This living room has unique angles. Prior to staging, potential buyers did not know how to arrange the furniture and thought the space was too small.  Once staged, buyers can now see the focal point–the fireplace–and how to utilize the room.

By providing a furniture solution for a challenging space, the room now has a “heart.”

living room with fireplace

Home Stagers know how to give a property an advantage in this competitive market.

In this day and age, buyers want turn-key homes.  A good Home Stager will provide a detailed consultation on how to prepare your home for sale.

Home Staging is the next step–getting the buyer to relate to the property and showing them the lifestyle that they want.  Artwork, accessories, plants, luxurious soft goods and candles can help buyers envision enjoying family get-togethers …. in your home.

Breathing life into the property can enable the emotional connection to happen.

Once a person strongly desires a home, they will often do whatever it takes to possess it, including paying more money.  When 2 or more buyers fall in love with a property, the bidding wars begin!

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