What is Occupied Staging?

Occupied staging is a service offered by some (but not all) professional stagers where they arrange the home owner’s furniture and accessories in the best possible layout.  The goal of occupied staging is to make each room feel larger,  identifying correct focal points and furniture layout, as well as incorporating a consistent color scheme throughout the house.

Oftentimes, a stager will bring in carefully selected decor items to help showcase the home for marketing photos and showings.

Some home owners will try to prepare their home for the market on their own, which is often a monumental task.  A professional stager can provide focus and sage advice to help home owners prepare an occupied property for sale.

The stager will utilize as much of the homeowner’s furniture and accessories as possible, as long as it helps showcase the house and is relatable to the potential buyer.

How Does Occupied Staging Work?

Before staging an occupied home, the stager and homeowner will meet for a consultation.  The stager will provide recommendations for decluttering and depersonalizing the property, as well as suggestions for updating, painting and making repairs.

In addition, the stager will give recommendations for new furniture placement and/or removal of extraneous pieces.

When the homeowner has completed the suggested work, the stager will come in to transform the property for sale.  The stager will utilize existing pieces, mixing them with furnishings and décor that is brought in from their collection, if needed.  The result is a property that looks and feels fantastic for potential buyers, will attract buyers online and create an emotional connection.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Will you be living in the house until it sells?
  2. Can your home use more “wow” factor?
  3. Do you need help understanding who your potential buyers are?
  4. Do you need to sell your home quickly?
  5. Do you want to make more money on your home’s sale?

You may want to consider an occupied staging if you answered “yes” to 2 or more of these questions.

All potential buyers search online as their first house-hunting step, so your photos are definitely worth a thousand words!  

Let’s face it.  If you plan to move, why not do the prep work with the help of a professional home stager BEFORE you list your property?

The team at Transformations by Jill loves the process of helping home owners sell their occupied home quickly and for more money!

Contact us today to schedule your occupied staging consultation.