10 Objections to Home Staging

Realtors, how do you respond to sellers who don’t want to stage, or are on the fence about staging?  We have compiled the top 10 objections to home staging, along with responses and statistics.


#1 – COST

Staging is too expensive.

RESPONSE:  Yes, there is a cost to staging, but think of it as an investment.  According to the Real Estate Staging Association, the average staging investment resulted in a 7.1% over-list in 2021.*

Let’s consider staging in the Richmond, Virginia, area.  The YTD median sales price of a single family home in the Richmond metro area is $392,000.**  If the staging investment costs $2,500, and the home receives a 5% over-ask, the ROI is 784%.  The seller will reap $19,600 at closing!

Another way of thinking about the benefits of staging is that staged homes tend to sell faster, which means you’ll spend less on ongoing carrying costs like utilities and mortgage payments.

Bottom Line:  A well-staged property often commands a higher selling price, more than covering the staging investment. Let’s work together to find a staging solution that aligns with your client’s budget and goals.

*Real Estate Staging Association (RESA)

**CVMLS Public Stats December 2023

#2 – TIME

Staging takes time…I would prefer a quicker sale without the staging process.

RESPONSE: Time is indeed a valuable consideration in the selling process.  Staging, when done efficiently, doesn’t have to significantly delay your sale. In fact, staging can create a more competitive listing that stands out and captures buyers’ attention faster.

A recent survey from the International Association of Home Staging Professionals* shows that staging helps sell homes 3 to 30 times faster than the non-staged competition.

Bottom line:  The staging process–while adding more time–may result in a faster sale, often with a offer that is more than the listing price.

*National Association of Realtors “Why Staging Matters”


I don’t need to stage my home.  My personal style is very appealing and charming.

RESPONSE:  Your style is very personal, but not everyone has the same style or taste as you do.  Staging aims to create a neutral and universally appealing environment, allowing potential buyers to envision their own style in the space.  It doesn’t dismiss your personal taste; rather, it enhances the property’s marketability.

Staging a home allows sellers to show off a move-in-ready home and engage buyers with a visually appealing place to live. Updating rooms to appear on-trend can help buyers see themselves living in the home and create an emotional connection with the home.

Bottom line:  Professional staging can strike a balance between showcasing your unique home and creating a space that buyers can easily visualize as their own.


Why should I stage my house if it is already furnished?

RESPONSE:  Professional staging isn’t just for vacant houses. Occupied properties can benefit from the expertise of a home staging team, too.

Staging professionals have a keen eye for design and layout that can optimize the flow and presentation of your space. They can make strategic adjustments to showcase your property’s best features, minimize the blemishes, and create an inviting atmosphere that appeals to a broader audience.

Bottom line:  Buyers love beautifully presented homes.  Professional stagers can optimize your client’s belongings, bring in additional items to enhance the space and ensure that the property is photo ready.


What IS home staging?

RESPONSE:  Not everyone knows what staging is, or the benefits of staging.  Staging is a valuable marketing strategy that enhances a property’s presentation.

It’s not just about making a property look nice–it’s about the online presence which initially captures the attention of potential buyers.  While the visiting the property, the goal is to create an emotional connection for a lifestyle that buyers desire.

Bottom line: Staging might not be something you are familiar with, but that’s okay!  Staging is all about enhancing the property’s marketability, which can lead to a quicker sale.


Maintaining a “show ready” house will be a hardship. 

RESPONSE:  Yes, selling a home can be a demanding and difficult process.  Good news! Your staging professional can provide many tips and tricks for living in a staged property.

Every seller dreams of a quick and seamless sale without their property remaining on the market for an extended period.  The Real Estate Staging Association reported in 2021 that homes that were staged sold approximately 9 days faster than the average DOM.*

Bottom line:  A faster sale means less time maintaining a staged property for showings. Home staging has proven to be a powerful strategy to expedite the selling process, as staged homes typically sell faster than non-staged competitors.

*Real Estate Staging Association


I don’t like the idea of strangers rearranging my personal belongings.

RESPONSE: It’s important to pack up and/or store valuable, critical, and personal belongings before putting your home on the market.

We work with professional stagers as a team, and we trust them to create the best presentation of your home for the market.

Bottom line: We team with professional stagers to ensure the best outcome for the sale of your property.


Why would I stage in this market – inventory is low and houses are still selling quickly.

RESPONSE:  True. Many homes go under contract the first weekend they’re listed—and sometimes without any preparation for the market.

However, you can’t promise sellers their property will stand out and receive the highest offers unless buyers fall in LOVE with the home. That’s where staging makes a big difference!

Bottom line:  Even if your seller is reticent to put in the work, stagers can suggest minimal changes, upgrades and decluttering ideas that can translate to significant gains at the closing table.


Doesn’t staging seem like we are desperate to sell or that we are hiding something?

RESPONSE:  In the world of real estate, first impressions play a crucial role in attracting potential buyers.  That is why attractive online photos–the first impression–are so important.

And no, staging does not hide major issues.  It can, however, obscure minor blemishes and shift the focus of the showings to flow and architectural features of the property.

Bottom line:  Staging is a smart move–one that can translate to a quicker sale for more money.

dining room


Let’s try putting the house on the market first – if it doesn’t sell, then we will stage it.”

RESPONSE:  The longer a property stays on the market, the more difficult it is to sell.   And…today’s home buyers expect to be wowed right away. There’s really no room for trial and error.

Bottom line:  Staging a home from the get-go is a good decision.

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