Let Transformations Stage Your Occupied Property

We bring in the items needed to make your home sing – furniture, accessories and placement.

Perhaps your property is in tip top shape or you have implemented our recommendations from a previous consult?  Our team can “tweak” the property to ensure beautiful online photographs and the WOW factor that buyers expect.

It All Starts with Transformations Meeting the Client

To initiate the consult, click on our BOOK NOW form.  Transformations will contact your client and schedule a visit.

Meeting the client allows for the following:

  • Establish rapport and trust

  • Make recommendations so that the home is properly prepared for staging

  • Set expectations for the staging project (i.e., cleanliness, decluttering, depersonalization, furniture layout, etc)

  • Determine if professional staging is needed


Occupied Staging Process

Important Information:

  • The client (or realtor) lets us know how to access the property.
  • We ask that the client not be home during the staging process.
  • Staging rental is typically 60 days.
  • After the staging is complete, we contact the realtor with a status update.

About the De-Stage:

  • We wait to hear from the client that an offer has been accepted and determine a de-stage date.
  • We strongly recommend that staging stays in place until after the home inspection and appraisal are complete, as both processes will have a better result.
  • We ask that we are given at least 7 days notice to de-stage (to avoid an expedited de-stage fee).