We Offer 3 Vacant Staging Packages

living room


  • Usually smaller properties

  • Minimal art & accessories

  • Key furniture pieces

  • Clients on a budget

living room with fireplace


  • Mid-size to larger properties

  • Additional art & accessories

  • Upgraded furniture

  • Clients seeking the “wow” factor

living room with fireplace


  • Caters to properties over $750,000

  • High-end art & accessories

  • High-end designer furniture

  • Clients seeking the luxury experience

Vacant Staging Process

Is Professional Advice Needed?

If professional advice is needed (i.e., paint, finish and/or fixture recommendations, etc), Transformations can meet the client at the property and perform a pre-listing walk-through of the property.  There is a charge for this service.

Is Professional Advice NOT Needed?

If professional advice is NOT needed, there is no charge (this is a Vacant Property Preview).  Transformations will visit the property for ~15-30 minutes and take photos.  An estimate for staging will be provided after the visit.

About Vacant Staging:

  • The client (or realtor) lets us know how to access the property.
  • We ask that the client not be home during the staging process.
  • Staging rental is typically 60 days.
  • After the staging is complete, we contact the realtor with a status update.

About the De-Stage:

  • We wait to hear from the realtor that the client has accepted an offer and determine a de-stage date.
  • We strongly recommend that staging stays in place until after the home inspection and appraisal are complete, as both processes will have a better result.
  • We ask that we are given at least 7 days notice to de-stage (to avoid an expedited de-stage fee).