Staging your Home is the First Step in Letting Go

Letting go of your “home sweet home” is not always easy.   If you are preparing to put your home on the market, it’s time to make the shift from thinking about it as your home to seeing it as a property that is about to be SOLD. To help navigate the process, think about the 3 D’s of Home Staging:  Dissociate, Declutter & Depersonalize.

The 3 Ds of Home Staging: Disassociate, Declutter & Depersonalize


Whether you’ve been in your home for 1 year or 20 years, you must try to disconnect with the things that you love about your home. Let’s say you love purple and your primary spaces are in tones of eggplant and mauve. When you decide to sell, you might assume a potential buyer has the same preferences… but realistically, that may not be the case.

living room


Remove anything that does not feel tidy and straight. A clean house with little to no clutter helps showcase SPACE, which is what a buyer is trying to purchase.


A buyer wants to see the property not your personal items, so we have to disassociate from what we love and think about what they want. All personal items should be removed when selling any property. We want the buyer to mentally “move in” their furniture.

Selling your home is not easy, but if you remember the 3 D’s of Home Staging the process will be less overwhelming. If you need additional help, consider hiring a home stager who can provide professional advice.


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